New Apple products guide to what's coming out in 2020

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We gaze into our crystal ball to predict the upcoming Apple launches - here are all the new products rumoured to be coming in 2020


iMac redesign

We've already mentioned the iMac - we are that sure that it will be updated soon. The biggest indicator is that Apple isn't selling the 27in model right now - it's saying shipping isn't until mid July. But while that suggests that the 27in iMac might get a much needed update soon, what of the 21.5in iMac?

There are reports suggesting that Apple could make some changes to the design of the iMac that could result in a 23in model (to replace the 21.5in iMac). This would be achieved by reducing the bezels.

Hopefully we'll see a similar change for the 27in iMac - we'd love to see a 30in model.

We also hope to see some other cosmetic changes to the design - including better ergonomics. 


AirPods headphones

Apple is said to be working on various headphones including the AirPods X (said to be for sport), AirPods Pro Lite (cheaper version of the AirPods Pro), and some over-the-ear headphones (which we've been calling StudioPods).


Apple TV

On 1 November 2019 Apple launched its new TV+ service via which it is now delivering a collection of exclusive TV shows - and some free shows - with more to come. With this focus on television, it seems likely that the Apple TV set-top-box will see a revamp in 2020. We may even see a cheaper Apple TV launch, which could help Apple get its content out to the masses. We could also see an 8K version - although that may not arrive in 2020.

Although as more and more TV manufacturers add support for AirPlay 2 to their sets, maybe there will be no need for the Apple TV set-top box in the future.

Apple TV

HomePod 2

There's one more *Pod hopefully coming our way. We expect Apple to update the HomePod - although it's not really clear what the company could do to improve the speaker, other than make it cheaper.

There are rumours that Apple could launch a smaller, cheaper HomePod in a bid to better compete with Amazon and Google. A cheaper device would certainly help it sell a few more of the Siri-powered speakers.

Alternatively, a Siri-powered Beats speaker could make an appearance.

Or Apple could give up on the HomePod and push Apple Music on to competitor smart speakers - Apple Music is already compatible with the Amazon Echo, for example. Read: How to get Apple Music on Amazon Echo. However, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple has a dedicated team working to save the HomePod from its poor sales, so hopefully there will be good news soon.



iOS, iPadOS, macOS and the rest of the OSs

Apple has let us know about the changes coming in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur and the other OSs - tvOS watchOS 6. The developer beta is available now and the pubic beta will be available soon. But what everyone will want to know is when are the new features coming to their iPhones, iPads and Macs.


5G iPhone

As for the new phones, Apple is said to be set to introduce 5G-capable iPhones.

We have lots of information about Apple's plans for an 5G iPhone, and a roundup of all the iPhone 12 rumours.

When? September 2020

Apple Watch

Among other new features the 2020 Apple Watch is said to be getting Sleep Tracking, which is something people have been requesting for a long time.

Read all about the new Apple Watch here.

When? September 2020


A bit of a wildcard this one but there is plenty of evidence suggesting it's true: Apple is gearing up to launch a Tag object tracker that will help you track of important items and show you where to find them via the Find My app.

Read all about the AirTag tracker here.

When? September 2020


If you thought that Apple had given up on its dream of making one device that could wirelessly charge an iPhone and AirPods at the same time we'll forgive you because Apple's said as much. But it turns out that the project may not have been completely abandoned. Apple is said to be gearing up to launch the AirPower after all.


AR Glasses

Apple's made clear its interest in augmented reality, and we may hear more about Apple's plans to make Apple AR Glasses in 2020!

While the rumours suggest we won't see Apple's AR product until 2021 or 2022, it's possible that Apple may share its plans with developers at some point in 2020 in an attempt to get them to design apps for the new device.

When? September 2020

iPad Air

Apparently a new iPad Air will arrive later this year that will feature a full screen, but rather than sporting a notch and Face ID, it will have a Home button and Touch ID integrated under the screen. More information about the next iPad Air here.

When? October 2020

Mac with Apple-made processor

It's long been rumoured that Apple wants to stop relying on Intel's processors,

MacBook Pro

Apple's already updated the 13in MacBook Pro this year - or that's what you might think. Actually, Apple updated the mid-range 13in model, giving it a new 10th generation processor. But the entry-level model didn't get a new processor, all it got was double the storage and a new keyboard.

So, we still expect Apple to update the 13in MacBook Pro in 2020, and the update could be quite exciting: we might see a 14in MacBook Pro thanks to thinner bezels around the screen.

There is even a chance that the entry-level model could be one of those first few Macs to gain a Silicon chip...

As for the 16in MacBook Pro - an update to that model, which launched in November 2019 - is anticipated for later in the year.

New Keyboard MacBook Air

Apple Car

The Apple Car was the hot rumour of 2016, but it's since emerged that Apple has scaled back its ambitions on this front but something is definitely happening in the motoring field. The company is said to have had up to 1,000 developers working on the so-called Project Titan, and to have set up various different front companies, including Faraday Futures and Sixty Eight Research.

Industry chatter suggests 2020 is a possible date for a launch - which sounds crazy to us. But, if this is correct, it might be worth holding back on upgrading to your existing run-around until then.

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